Friday, July 13, 2007

Complete!!! 3E

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Posted by: Victoria School, at: 8:43:00 AM

With this final posting, we have marked the end of the fun-filled Victoria Challenge. We are positive that every Victorian has gained something valuable from this experience. Be it gaining leadership skills or just forging stronger bonds between your friends, this challenge will always be an unforgettable experience to us all. As the overall I/C of our class 4F, I would like to thank everyone in my class for making this blog a success. Also, I will like to thank every single Victorian involved in this event for making it a great success. I hope that this blog can give you many memories of the Victoria Challenge. Overall IC

Victoria Challenge ’07 has been a meaningful experience for me and both my class, 4F. I felt that this was a time for us, as a class to bond. I’m glad to say that we have managed to overcome the difficulties faced, not as an individual but as a class. I believe that Victoria Challenge ’07 will always be in our memories as it will be etched deeply in our hearts for many years to come. I would like to thank the school on behalf of my class for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. This will be 4F’s swansong to the school apart from our upcoming O’Levels. May we keep her flag unfurled. Nil Sine Labore. Monitor

This Victoria Challenge has given me a very interesting insight with my class since our last rendezvous was in 2006, during the sec 3 camp in KOREF.
Strengthening our strong class spirit, I feel that 4F has blossomed as a class and any adversities met would be brushed away like dust of our shoulders. When I leave Victoria School at the end of this year, it would definitely be with a heart heavier than any weight, for the pull to Victoria School, to my class 4F, has been more than special and it would be more than just a check point in my life. Instead, it will be a massive turning point. With this Victorian Challenge, it marks that my incredible time at Victoria School is coming to an end. In maybe 20 or 30 years time when I look back at my tracks at Victoria school, no doubt, would give me more than enough lasting memories to bring with me into my deathbed. And with this, I would like to thank the people who made my affair with Victoria School a very invaluable one, the teachers, staff and many classmates with unique personalities I never came across. Also, I thank you all for looking into this blog and making Victoria School a more fine institution. Assistant monitor

Special Thanks:Our Teachers: Mr. Kenneth Chong and Mr. Zuraimi for helping out in our challenge. Our Class Committee: Azmeer and Zhi Hwa (For Food!!!)
Sylvester and Edmund (For helping out on IT stuff)
Darren and Andrew (For helping out in editing)
Zhong Rong (Webmaster)
Brandon and Kunyi (Treasurer)
Darrell and Joel (Overall I/Cs)

WHOLE 4F for helping out in accomplishing this challenge!


Complete!!! 1E

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Sec 3G are out to make a statement. As the ‘actors’ of Victoria School, their challenge is to make a short film on the unity and strength of the Victorians. In short, the Victorian Spirit!
Without big bucks to hire hollywood’s biggest stars, 3G have to be content with their class’ acting skills. This would be a test of their capabilities indeed. Yes yes future mediacorp stars we’re sure.

The film is sure to be a firecracker, for it is sure to touch every Victorian’s heart through their depiction of humour and showing the Victorian spirit. The film is not to be missed and we shall be waiting!


Complete!!! 3H

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The class 3H ams to leave a legacy in Victoria School through this challenge. They are repainting the D&T benches so as to beautify and to give colour to the school. This would bring out the essence of life in Victoria School and we wold all be able to study in a better environment. Most importantly, their aim is to provide a better environment for everyone to study in. All in all, this will help our school to strive towards our goal of academic excellence, to be best in everything we do. Well done Victorians!

Complete!!! 2F

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Completed challenge for Sec2F


Sec 2D - Painting of Toilet Doors

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Painting of toilet doors complete.


Sec 4D - Flying High

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Imagine a plane in Victoria school. Not a flying one though. Just a 5.25 metre long model made by Victorians with their hands, cement, a little brains and a lot of heart. These Victorians are the ever hardworking students of sec 4D. The model is mould from wood and wire mesh. the cement used to cast the model is currently being mixed by the students. With little experience, the students are having a little trouble mixing the cement.

However, they seem to be having a hell of a time together as a class. This challenge is chosen by 4D to show what Victoria Challenge is about and the direction where VS is going (soaring to greater heights). They expect to finish this challenge by morning the next day. Their greatest fear is that the cement used may not dry in time but with a budget of $700, perhaps they would be able to come up with something if a problem like this ever happens


Sec 4I - Art's corner??

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While other classes satisfy themselves with just painting murals on the school walls class 4i went a step further and decided to change the space near the staircase near the staff room into an arts corner. Complete wit piano bookcase and benches. Yet this task is close to impossible due to the tight space available. Yet they are daunted still preserving to complete their challenge. Although when asked they admitted tat their teacher chose this challenge NOT THEM. Wow this is truly a conundrum. Still they have their challenge and like the rest of us they are still they pushing forward their dream in sight


Sec 4J - Doing a part for charity

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Painting f&b blogging while other classes are engaging in challenges like this class 4J decide to collect toys for a more worthy cause. The home for those affected by cerebral parsley or more crudely known spastic people. Most of them are children and the sight is truly heart breaking,. To bring a smile to these young faces 4J decided to collect toys for them. A challenge to collect 131 kg of them to be precise a daunting task yet they some how managed to compete it. Although the road was fraught with problems. The main problem was where to collect the toys from. They decided to get it from the neighbourhood. Even though they faced rejection and hostilities from the “aunties” they never faltered and came through in the end….


Sec 3F - Self-made CHESSBOARDS, through painting.

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Secondary class 3F has another interesting Victorian Challenge to present to us. Their challenge is to help the school by putting self-made chess boards around the school, anyone and everyone will be able to use them and Victorians can interact more with each other. I am sure that with hard work and much effort, they will be able to fulfill their quest to bond many Victorians together and help them to interact with each other more .


Update: Sec 4E - Victoria on Steps

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Class 4E's challenge is nearly over! A painting on the steps of the amphitheatre. As we see from the pictures, they are nearly done... Only some touching up is needed on the uneven paint surfaces and more and they are certainly taking a well deserved break!


Secondary 3D - Can friendship last?

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Long way to go for friendship bands. Class 3E don't seem to be on track and with the clock ticking away, they still need around 500 more and the threads they are using to tie the bands are running out... just like time and their patiences. Victorians being Victorians, they will still strive to meet an impossible target and don't we always hear," It's not whether we win or lose, it's how we play the game".
Come on 3E! Victorians hearts are with you!


Secondar 1D - Grafitti or artistic

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The mural done by Class 1D is nearly done and needing just 1-2 more hours, they look great to finish the project well on time and the mural certainly looks very impressve. Created by the artistic minds of the AEP students in the class, this mural displays the neat brushstrokes and detailed eye for perfection.
Located on the 5th floor outside the AEP workshops, this is something you should catch.


Update: Victorian flame

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This is the picture of the Victoria Challenge flame at 6.30 am. Truly demonstrating the Victorian Spirit, the Arrow Scouts, who have been entrusted with this task are literally keeping the Victorian Flame alive...
We are proud of you all.....

Update: Figurines Fiesta

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While you were down and out, the boys of Sec 2H have been working on our VS version of the "terracotta". The work is nearly done.. Just about 100-150 more figurines to go before they meet their target of 1310... Comon!!!


Artistic toilets??? Urgh! NO!

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Never will you link toilet to artistic. However, class 2D have not only went on an ambitious track but are very close to completion.. Enjoy..........


Victorians at 0400

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The undying flame from the 7th floor.

MTV anyone?

Long way to go !

Woke up yet? Maybe not but there are still many Victorians working in the night trying to meet targets.

Are Victorians Noctournal?

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Probably the most hectic night of Victoria, Siglap link. There are many classes that have projects still running through the night such as class 3E, still trying to tie their friendship bands into one, and class 2H, still rushing through their figuines.
But there are also other classes that have managed to complete their project before night fell and could take a well deserved rest and catch a few winks. As classes worked through the night, tempers frayed and more arguments surfaced. Nevertheless, I'm sure Victorians being Victorians, we will overcome all that comes our way. As our dear Mr Maran always says, " If Victoria School can't do it, no one can.". I feel that its time for us to prove it. Come on Victorians!

Secondary 3E - Mark of Friendship!

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Secondary 3E has decided to create friendship bands for sale, with all proceeds going to a charity organisation. Entering the class of Secondary 3E, we were greeted with music of a pop genre. This is probably due to the need to attract teeny boppers… Everyone was hard at work, tying friendship bands to sell to fellow students.

Through the 24-hour period, they plan to create about 500 friendship bands. Their aim was to make 200 friendship bands by 6pm today. After the 24 hour period, they plan to commence the sale of the bands, with each costing $2, hence raising an approximate total of $1000. All proceeds will go to an undisclosed charity organisation. We wish them all the luck in completing the challenge


Secondary 3D - MTV!!!

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An MTV? Its hardly something you would link to a school. But class 3D decided to embark on an ambitious journey to create an MTV. Stepping into the media lab, they were still hard at work trying hard to make the perfect one. One that Victoria School can be proud of. However, they face many daunting problems such as editing. The editing takes a very long time and due to time constraints, they have to rush through the night. For the first Victorian MTV, it is definitely worthwhile.

Victorians in action at 0000

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Sewing machine on the parade square?? who would have believed.

AEP class of 2006

anything for a peaceful nap

A scene of the a classroom

Scouts who can cook everywhere

construction site???


Chicken wings fiesta

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Chicken Wings. Chicken Wings!! Delicious Chicken Wings sold by Class 1C. They will never let the school work on an empty stomach. Basically, their challenge was given to them by their teacher, who is also a Home Economics Teacher, and they agreed to do it enthusiastically. To them, it was a real challenge as their aim was to cook and sell at least 1310 chicken wings. At 1pm on 12/7/07 , they sold around 1000 chicken wings, im sure that they will reach their target easily.